Run and create command line, TUI, and web apps in the environment


Go compiler that runs in-browser, can cross-compile to native platforms


Pluggable filesystem API for custom filesystem behavior like FUSE/Plan9


Unix-like shell that can be live-edited/recompiled or replaced entirely


Built-in micro editor, similar to nano


Supports TypeScript and JSX in web applications without extra tooling


Authentication using Auth0 for deploying as a "backend" to static site


GitHub filesystem for directly manipulating repository branches

Quick Start


The Wanix CLI is available for download from the latest release or you can run this installer:

bash -c "$(curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tractordev/wanix/main/install.sh)"

Alternatively you can install using Homebrew:

brew tap progrium/homebrew-taps
brew install wanix


wanix [command]

Available Commands:
dev              start wanix dev server
bootfiles        write out wanix boot files
deploy           deploy Wanix static site to GitHub Pages

    -v    show version

Use "wanix [command] -help" for more information about a command.

wanix dev

This runs a local dev server you can access in the browser. At the moment, it needs to be run in a checkout of this repository and will make it available from within the environment at /sys/dev.

wanix bootfiles

This will write out the 3 files necessary to manually set up a page to load Wanix. To boot Wanix on a page just include these lines:

<script src="./wanix-bootloader.js"></script>

wanix deploy

This will set up a static site on a domain you provide using GitHub Pages. It will create a repository and set everything up for you. You can optionally have it set up authentication with the `--enable-auth` flag. This will configure Auth0 for you to be able to login with GitHub. When logged in, Wanix will mount the GitHub repository for the site itself at `/repo`, which you can use to modify the site from itself using Wanix.

Next steps

Continue the tutorial and see what else you can do in our documentation.

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